1. Henry loves going to Ninjutsu at Instinct Defense Academy! He has really gained confidence in his abilities since he started the class. Henry also really enjoys the fun games they play to reinforce the techniques learned. Ninjutsu has also been great in helping Henry improve his self management. I would highly recommend it to anyone!
    Janea Neff
  2. “I love Instinct Defense Academy because it is a close knit family that supports and teaches us how to live a better life. It is not just a self defense, or fighting class, it is a lifestyle that applies to everyday living”
    Alicia Mosby
  3. As a swim coach in a somewhat sketchy area, I have to accept the reality that I may need to put myself between the children that I work with and any threats that might arise. The instruction is top notch, and the process and training has made me a better coach.
    Kevin Cleary
  4. If you are interested in protecting yourself or those you love, this art will provide that security and self confidence you need. I couldn’t ask for a better group of people to train with. Sensei Peter really knows and understands this art, teaching with a soft touch and a firm hand. I consider the Dojo my second home.
    Matthew Godsey
  5. Sensei Peter stays true to the lifestyle practice of the Bujinkan and trains us to live our daily lifes with the same honor and integrity practiced in the Dojo. Because of this training, and the examples set by thoes at the Dojo, I am strong, proud of who I am, and able to overcome fears that would otherwise hold me back.
    Sarah Belgard
  6. A Japan trip with most of our school was a very unique experience for us all. One of the benefits of the Bujinkan is meeting other people from around the world. Traveling to Japan to train under the Grandmaster was a life changing experience without a doubt. This was a childhood dream come true!
    Justin Bryant
  7. I have been a martial artist since 2000. I've trained in many different styles over the year's. I found that the other schools didn't provide that personal touch. At the Bujinkan Family Dojo I truly do feel like a member of the family. Sensei Peter is a caring, thoughtful and highly competent instructor.
    Jesse Rutledge
  8. ...Last night was a very special class.......we got into super cool stuff. It certainly added a whole new perspective to "just doing moves". Makes me regret missing so much class. And makes me appreciate showing up for class , regardless of having to commute 2 hours to do so. Thank you Sensei . Good Stuff!!
    Casey Piefer