“I love the Bujinkan Family Dojo because it is a close knit family that supports and teaches us how to live a better life. It is not just a self defence, or fighting class, it is a lifestyle that applies to everyday living”
- Alicia Mosby
“I joined the Bujinkan in the hopes of learning to defend myself and others. As a swim coach in a somewhat sketchy area, I have to accept the reality that I may need to put myself between the children that I work with and any threats that might arise. The instruction is top notch, and not only has it better prepared me to take action if need be, but the process and training has made me a better coach, as the art teaches one not only how to fight, but how to improve your everyday life! Learning your current limits with each technique (and how to overcome them) is a reflection of what you need to work on in real life, and that is the true beauty and gift of this art”.
-Kevin Cleary
“I was always interested in the art of Ninjutsu.  When I studied many years ago, I learned that it was different than any other martial art that I’d seen.  There were weapons to learn, which are cool, tumbling, striking, and other defensive techniques.  When I returned a few years ago and joined the Bujinkan Family Dojo, I started to realize how deep this art really is.  So much mental and physical training to understand the mechanics of both the body and the mind.  If you are interested in protecting yourself or those you love, this art will provide that security and self confidence you need. As for the Bujinkan Family Dojo, I couldn’t ask for a better group of people to train with.  Sensei Peter really knows and understands this art, teaching with a soft touch and a firm hand. I consider the Dojo my second home”.
- Matt Godsey