Japan Trips

  1. Managing Director
    Shrine in Kyoto
    Amazing hike in the hills through these walls of shrines
  2. Managing Director
    Temple in Kyoto
    Great view from a nearby hiking trail
  3. Managing Director
    The Crew at Matsudo training with Sensei Rob Reener
  4. Managing Director
    Tokyo Budokan
    Training with Hatsumi Sensei
  5. Managing Director
    Hombu Dojo
    Training with Nagato Sensei
  6. Managing Director
    Hatsumi painting scolls
    Sarah and Maddie in line to get personal painting made by Hatsumi Sensei
  7. Managing Director
    Woods in Nikko
  8. Managing Director
    Crew in Nikko
    On a hike in the beautiful woods of Nikko
  9. Managing Director
    Cew in Nikko
    Surprise testing took place here. Everyone passed with flying colors :)
Dojo Japan Trip 2015

A quick recap of our trip

In May 2015, the Bujinkan Family Dojo took a week-long trip to Japan, where we spent over twenty hours training with Soke Hatsumi and some of his senior shihans. Each class was unique, and we came away with valuable skills and knowledge from each Sensei's unique style and methods, including: Someya Sensei: lessons on the history of our art, as well as tradition and etiquette. Nagato Sensei: very action-packed classes, with many variations and outlooks for each particular technique. Rob Sensei: brings a very technical and scientific approach to our art, with each skill and technique broken down and explained, including some from other instructors. Noguchi Sensei: a fun- and laughter-filled teacher who emphasized pain compliance skills, pressure points, and nerve manipulation. Hatsumi Sensei: the Grandmaster; everyone walked away from his sessions filled with a profound sense of awe and humility at having witnessed firsthand the man who has been entrusted with guiding our ancient art in these modern times. In addition to the priceless experience of learning from the leaders of our art, we spent time exploring some of Japan's urban and natural wonders. It is a truly unique culture, from the bright lights and soaring towers of Tokyo, to the ancient ruins and wooded mountains of NIkko.