Recap of our last Steve Arntt Seminar

Firstly, a big thank you to Steve for taking time out of his extremely busy schedule to come out and teach
us all some fantastic stuff. Also a big thanks to Peter Sensei for organising this seminar, and putting up
with us loud goofy students. Last but not least a big thanks to Jeff Burgess and his students from White
Lion dojo for coming out and training with us, its always good to train with new people. Especially when
they have so much experience!
The seminar which was held at Camp Rile near Astoria, was an excellent opportunity for all of us to train
hard in the very basics of the art. Steve has recently returned from Afghanistan, and he has brought
back with him a lot of experience and insight gained from his experiences as a soldier and a leader.
Seeing the way Steve has interpreted the art for modern day combat situations really allowed us to view
it from a new perspective. It was also nice to have Peter as just another student, having him playing
around with the rest of us was a lot of fun.
The first night, we started training around 7 o' clock. Steve started by continuing his lesson from
Thursday night, the main focus being on movement and positioning. We did a lot of bodygaurd/hostage
protection drills, and worked on a handful of real life scenarios. After the first nights training we all went
out to dinner at Pizza Hut which was a lot of fun for all of us weary warriors. Although The seaside Pizza
Hut staff may have been a little put off by the ridiculous antics of the "kids table". After dinner we
returned to the barracks, where Peter who was "not a responsible adult" at that point took a group of us
out for a black op. I am not at liberty to say anything else about this except YOU RULE PETER. Our
secret mission was one of my favorite parts of this trip.
The next day, we woke up at leisure as some people had been kept up by childish chit chatting. (By the
way to anyone who was kept up we are sorry!) Anyway at about 10am we had a breakfast of cold cereal
and fruit provided by Peter, then we cleaned up our barracks, spotlessly I might add. We headed down
to Sunset Beach at about 11 to start our training for the day. We worked mainly on basic concepts,
keeping moving, attaching ourselves to our enemies, and gaining tactically superior positioning. We
trained till about 12:30 took an hour and a half lunch break and then resumed our training at 2. We did a
lot of work on knife defense, using positioning to apply techniques, and flowing. We finished up by
working on scenarios that us students thought up, how do you distract a knife wielding maniac who has
got your girlfriend as a hostage? Well if you were at the seminar then you know! Steve then presented
Peter Sensei with a very cool generals flag with the Bujinkan logo (that had been hand painted on it)  
Steve had placed the flag in his armour and worn it on a mission. We finished up, and started to head
home around 4:30, tired, beaten and totally satisfied from an excellent seminar.
It was a great seminar, and all of us who went are very lucky to have been there. Not only to be able to
train with Steve, although it was enlightening to hear his views on the art and to see how he has grown
as a teacher. But also to be able to train with Peter and Jef, we had two black belts over 10th dan who
were just there to train with us and offer their advice. It's not to often that your able to train with such
experienced practitioners on a one on one basis. It was a great seminar, all of us had a lot of fun and will
undoubtedly take a great deal away  from it. Thanks again to Steve, Peter, and Jef, and to everyone who
came out to make this event so great.
~Ben Hadley

This seminar was mind blowingly awesome, it really showed the most important thing about bu-do and
life. KEEP MOVING. What great and simple theme, it applies to all things. This expanded my concept of
what martial arts is for. Thanks to Steve, Peter and all of the other students, this martial ART has passed
me out of some pretty tough times in my life.

- Vinnie