3-5 years of grooming and many
more of abuse is not the result of mental illness. It is not some
misguided and misunderstood person. It is pure, pre-meditated EVIL

Undercover Predators

Written By Kevin Cleary 2/15/2018
Sixteen years after I graduated high school, it came to light that a former coach of mine (and someone that I highly revered, and had a profound impact on my athletic career) was guilty of more than a decade of grooming and abuse. Naturally, I was beyond disgusted and revolted and sickened for the victim.
With all of the cases of this type surfacing, this one really hit home
to me. I'm going to call this what it is. 3-5 years of grooming and many
more of abuse is not the result of mental illness. It is not some
misguided and misunderstood person. It is pure, pre-meditated EVIL. With
so many similar stories and victims coming forward in the sports and
entertainment industries (Sandusky at Penn State University, Nassar from
gymnastics, Harvey Weinstein, etc), I am hopeful that justice will be
served and those affected will have at least some measure of peace and
closure. As a coach and someone who is responsible for the well-being of
young lives, it is cases like these that inspired me to begin training
with Sensei Peter and Instinct Defense Academy, and I am confident that, should I ever have to step forward and confront such horrors, my skills and knowledge will enable me to prevent them from happening.

Ariana Kukors tells her story of sexual abuse from her former coach Sean Hutchison in her own words:

News on MSN of this story:



Helping Others

Written By Peter Kramer 2/24/2018
Here is a post that just appeared in my neigboorhood Nextdoor postings:

Please stop and help injured people!
Yesterday my mother fell on ice on the path behind Greenwood. While she was alone, on the ground, her personal items scattered around her, a jogger didn't even slow down to see if she was okay. PLEASE STOP AND HELP IF SOMEONE IS INJURED! if someone is alone and not getting help, or even if there is another person, you need to take a few seconds to see if you can help them. Luckily she was able to call us and we came and got her. However some people don't have family or a phone to call with. Luckily she will be okay in a few weeks and that jogger leaving her alone didn't make it worse. That won't be true for everyone who falls. Please take a small amount of time out of your day to make sure that your neighbors are safe if you see something wrong.

My reply:

Glad to hear your Mom is okay. Sorry to hear she fell. That can be a very scary experience. I hope the jogger was just not paying attention vs. choosing not to help.

One of the replies:

As much as I agree with this post, please exercise EXTREME CAUTION if stopping to help someone!!! If you are a woman jogging alone and a man "has fallen" you may want to think twice! Sorry but I can honestly say depending on the situation that I would probably run right past, and probably at a faster pace!! Common sense is not common enough these days. Please use it! :) I'm glad your mom is safe and ok.

My reply:

I just wanted to thank _________ for posting this message and all the wonderful replies of people who are willing to help. This situation reminds me of one of my favorite biblical stories of the good Samaritan.

__________________'s post really got me to think about this in a whole new light. You see I am a professional martial arts instructor and I have been teaching Women's self defense classes for years saying the same things that she said in her comments above. However this post made me rethink what I have been teaching all these years. My main goal when teaching a women's self defense seminar is to empower women to lead happy, productive lives,not allowing their fears to prevent them from the activities they love doing. But this post made me think of this with a more enlightened perspective. If I really did my job I would hope that any women who ever attended one of my classes would feel more empowered to help a stranger who they witnessed getting hurt even if that person was a strange man! First of all it's good to know that statistics prove that the vast majority of crimes against women are committed by an acquaintance vs. a stranger. So what are the real odds that a man who you just witnessed getting hurt is going to turn around and hurt you? In reality the odds are very slim however there is still a chance something could happen so now what? If you know how to defend yourself that's always a good thing. But another thing that we must all learn to trust is our gut instincts. This is a God given gift to all humans that most of us tend to ignore. We must cultivate them instead.

This is a true story from my youth growing up on the small island of Tahiti. I was 11 years old at the time and unable to go home since my abusive alcoholic step father was drunk and in a rage. I walked over to my best friends house to spend the night only to find myself too afraid the leave the main road that was lit by the street lights. You see in order to get to my friends house it would require that I walk down a very long dark alley way, past one home where an unchained vicious dog lived. I'd rather just stay put thank you very much! It was now 1:30 am and I still had not received the courage to walk down that dark alley way. I was relieved at first when I saw a car approach. There was a strange man inside who told me I should get in the car and he would take me wherever I wanted to go. I was young and naive and had no reason not to trust him. Thankfully my instincts kicked into gear and knew that I shouldn't listen to him. All of a sudden the fear of walking down the dark alleyway no longer held me prisoner and I flew down that alley faster than I have ever run in my life. The dog never knew what passed him! By the time he realized I was there and he started to bark and run after me I was safe inside my friends fenced yard :)

I also really appreciated ____________'s comment about first asking if the person wants your help. Another true story that happened to me just a few years ago in our neighborhood. A women was pulled over on the side of the Skyline boulevard with her emergency lights flashing. She was partially blocking traffic enough to cause a traffic jam. I was wondering what was happening up ahead and once I passed her I was surprised to realize that nobody took the time to pull over and help her. So I pulled over with the intent to see if she needed assistance. As I approached the car she became afraid of me and immediately sped off almost running me over and nearly hitting the car that was preparing to pass her. I felt horrible that my attempt to be a good Samaritan nearly caused this poor frightened lady to have an accident :(

On the flip side years ago when I was a 19 years old I saw a car stuck on the freeway so I pulled over and asked if I could help in anyway. It was an older woman who was so happy that I stopped. She told me her car would not start and asked if I could drive her to work a few miles down the road. Keep in mind that I'm over fifty years old now, so this happened in a day and age when we all trusted each other more than we do today. She was the head chef of a restaurant and to show her appreciation she cooked me the best free meal I had ever tasted :)

I now wonder if the women who have taken my self defense classes over the years and now more or less inclined to help a stranger in need?

As for me I try my best to live by the warrior creed: Everywhere I go, everyone is a little bit safer because I am there. Everywhere I am, anyone in need has a friend. Whenever I return home, everyone is happy I am there. It's a better life!